7 Fashion Essentials for the Professional Plus Size Woman

By on April 14, 2011

In recent years more designers have begun to create plus size fashion that looks the same as smaller sizes, just proportioned differently. This is good news for those women who need a professional plus size wardrobe. For those who need to build a plus size wardrobe for the workplace, here are some plus size fashion tips.

Plus Size Career Woman

1. Start with basics

Build a wardrobe around business basics like solid color pants, well fitting blazers, professional skirts, attractive blouses, a few dresses, and stylish yet comfortable shoes.

2. Stock up on essential pants

Start with a good pair of black pants and add a few others in darker, neutral colors. Darker pants will be slimming and neutral colors will make a wardrobe more versatile. Do not buy pleated pants, as they do not much favor to the plus size figure. The length of the pants should be appropriate for both flat shoes and slight heels.

3. Get your blazers right

Again, start with black. A well fitting black blazer can make many outfits look more professional. Choose one or two other blazers that work well with the pants and skirts that you own. Avoid shoulder pads. A good blazer should hit right at the hips, not above or below. If necessary, get your blazers tailored.

4. Add some formal flair with skirts

All skirts should be knee length or longer. Short skirts are considered unprofessional on all women, and a plus size woman rarely looks good in one. Keep skirts professional looking in solid colors or conservative prints. Save the wild bohemian prints for after hours.

5. Don’t forget those blouses

Professional blouses need not look like men’s dress shirts. Today’s cotton/lycra blend blouses are wonderful because they take the traditional shirt and turn it into a stylish, fitted blouse. While pants and skirts should be in neutral colors, blouses can be full of color and prints. Don’t forget to get a few classic white blouses, too. A word of caution – do not get blouses too tight or too low cut for the office.

6. Wrap yourself around in dresses

Wrap dresses are in style right now, and they look good on a plus size figure. They are also conservative enough for office wear.

7. Comfy shoes are the key

Since shoes are worn all day, they should be well fitting and comfortable. A plus size figure puts extra strain on feet. The better fitting the shoe, the better feeling feet will be at the end of the day. For professionalism and comfort, heels should not exceed two inches.

There you have them, your 7 steps to having a well stocked up professional plus size wardrobe.

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