How to Find Your Perfect Party Dresses this Season

By on December 9, 2011

Social events like parties often require wearing a fashionable dress for the season. Whether that special holiday party is coming up or it’s a business event that requires wearing something sophisticated and chic, the perfect party dress for the season will vary. Despite differences in formality, party dresses often fall under different categories to help match personal taste and the party needs. Here are some top tips to ensure you look the part this season:

Skater Sequin Dress from ASOS Curve

Dress from ASOS Curve

1. Ladylike

Ladylike dresses are a fashion must this winter. Think graceful gowns, flowing dresses and girly hues for those sophisticated and elegant parties. This type of attire is elegant, chic, stylish and classy. This look preserves a woman’s modesty allowing for a more refined appearance.

2. Sparkle

This autumn, we have seen key trends emerging from the catwalks. We witnessed a showcase of sparkly clothes and metallic materials. Glitter, sparkling sequins, shiny threads and dazzling bottons are making a comeback for a wide range of looks in an array of colours. Among Gold, silver and bronze there is a whole spectrum of shiny hues, including metallic blue, emerald green and copper red. These light catching garments will definitely see you through the Christmas party season.

3. Fetish

The fetish styles, particularly black leather and sheer black materials, have maintained their popularity this season. Leather trousers have also made a comeback. Dress these with a simple top and high heels to create a stylish and edgy look that is not too over the top. Combine this look with simple base make up and dramatic smoky eyes.

4. Jewel Box Colours

Jewel bright colours have made a dramatic comeback in party dresses at all levels. These bright hues and shades are stunning and allow women to choose their favourite colours to look their best. The vivid colours draw the eye at any party, but are particularly stunning at those winter weddings and events.

5. L.A. Vintage

Vintage styles are becoming a hot fashion trend for party wear this season as mini-skirt designs, slinky formal gowns and those stunning old-fashioned details and cuts. While these L.A. vintage looks draw on past looks for inspiration, they still follow some of the more recent fashion trends.

The holiday season is upon us and with the time comes numerous parties and events ranging from weddings to family get togethers. Regardless of what is in store this holiday, having a few fashionable dresses for different levels of formality will make the season run smoothly and is sure to impress the friends, relatives and business colleagues.

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