How to Dress for Evening Without Leaving the Office

By on March 28, 2012

If you work an office job and have a family, you know what a valuable commodity time is. If you’re going to an office function or evening after work, you may not have time to go home and leisurely dress for the affair. You need quick fashion tips that can take you from office to evening in short order. Here’s how to go from office to evening wear in no time flat:

Office to evening tips: Wear a daytime outfit that can double for evening wear

To save yourself a trip home to dress, wear a dress that can go from day to evening with a few modifications. A little black dress in a silk or satin fabric is a good choice. Wear it to work with a blazer or cardigan buttoned over it to make it appropriate for office wear. With your blazer buttoned, it’ll look like you’re wearing a black skirt. When you take off your jacket or cardigan and accessorize, it becomes elegant evening wear. What could be simpler?

Office to evening tips: Put on a shawl

Bring a shawl with you to work on the day of your office party and drape it around your dress to quickly take it from day to evening. A carefully chosen shawl can be a real show stopper and will give your outfit an air of style and drama. Select one made of light weight, high quality material that’s versatile enough to coordinate with a variety of dresses.

Change Shoes!

Office to evening tips: Change shoes

Wear your comfortable low heels to the office but bring along a pair of stilettos or peep- toe pumps to take that office dress from functional to fabulous. If you want to get a bit fancier, look for shoes with satin bows or metallic detailing. A simple shoe change can add evening style to almost any outfit.

Office to evening tips: Change jewelry

One of the simplest changes you can make to transform your office outfit into party wear is to change earrings. If you wear simple hoops or button earrings to the office, bring along a show stopping pair of chandelier dangles with touches of rhinestone and crystal to add impact to a simple black office dress. Combine the earrings with your evening shawl and you’re ready to enjoy the party.

Office to evening tips: Change your hair

If you normally wear your hair pulled back to the office, let it hang free in the evening. Bring some hair spray and a comb for back combing to give you hair added volume. If you typically wear your hair down at work, pull it back and put on some striking hair accessories to add evening glamour. Everyone will think you spent hours dressing for the party.

Change Makeup

Office to evening tips: Quick makeup changes

If you have limited time to change your makeup, bring along a more dramatic lipstick and a smoky eyeliner to give your eyes and lips extra definition for the evening. Both of these products are quick to apply and will make you look more refreshed. Spray on a little perfume and you’re ready to mingle.

Preparing for an evening office party doesn’t have to be time prohibitive. Keep it simple and you can enjoy the affair without time consuming makeup and costume changes.

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