Recreate Catwalk Looks On A Budget

By on March 31, 2012

Whilst almost any woman would love to be able to wear high fashion outfits on a daily basis, buying those looks straight from the designers is just too pricey an option for most. However, there are some good ways to put together outfits that can rival those coming off the catwalk while still being budget friendly. Below are a few great tools to help the fashion conscious woman look great without breaking the bank.

Budget Fashion Tool #1: The Look Book

Ideas to Hand

One of the greatest tools for a budding fashionista on a budget is her look book. This is a scrapbook of sorts, gathered from clippings out of magazines and such, of high fashion looks she wants to recreate. That way while she is out and about trying to score the best deals on her wardrobe, she can refer to her handy look book to put together stunning high fashion looks.

Get Creative

The look book can be put together from all kinds of sources from catalogues and magazines to quick sketches of outfits seen on TV or photos of models. The look book can be constantly updated with the newest fashions. A small binder that fits in a purse with clear page inserts is a great base to make a look book.

Style Reference Guide

When a great deal is found on a beautiful dress, the look book can be pulled out to find out just what accessories can be paired with it to get the high class look that is in this season. It allows a savvy shopper to always have the knowledge of what is in, immediately on hand, for reference when putting together a stunning wardrobe. It can also hold coupons and notes about great things found when out shopping.

Budget Fashion Tool #2: Great Coupons and Reward Card Points

Street Smarts

Being on a budget doesn’t mean a girl can’t shop, it just means she needs to learn how to shop smarter. There are a couple of things that can really help knock down the cost of scoring the great looks every woman is searching for. Knowing where to look for great coupons for favourite department stores can help bring high fashion into any budget. Many stores have coupons you can print off their websites or there are many online places to find great fashion coupons such as any of the voucher codes sites, quidco, or money saving expert.

Loyalty Rewards The Faithful

The second great tool for the budget savvy high fashion shopper is the rewards card, which almost every major retailer offers. If you’re going to shop, you might as well earn points towards special coupons and sometimes even free merchandise. If you get your reward card scanned with every purchase, you will soon be on your way toward even more awesome savings.

Budget Fashion Tool #3: Charity Shops

Vintage Not Second Hand

People shy away from vintage stores, but they really don’t deserve the bad reputation they get in some places. They can be a treasure trove of great fashions at unbeatable prices. As all good fashionistas know, fashion goes full circle when it comes to what is in and out. While some of the scores you find in vintage may not be in just now, but you can score them cheap and they will eventually come back into favour. Just make sure to pick quality pieces that aren’t too dated.

Aladdin’s Den For The Thrifty

You may have to do a little more searching than you would at a department store to find what you’re looking for but the price will be well worth it. Vintage shops can be a treasure trove of accessories. Belts, jewelry, shoes, and all sorts of other bits can be found at a fraction of their retail price. An extra perk of shopping at a second hand store is your finds will be much more unique and you won’t be wearing the same outfit everyone else bought at the big box store. For someone really searching for a fashion bargain, nowhere gives you more value for money than a good charity shop.

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