Life’s A Peach! Summer Casual Outfit Inspiration

By on April 19, 2012

Although bright and bold colors are a hot trend right now, like bright blues, greens and oranges, you’ve probably also noticed that softer tones like corals and pastel colors are also going to be big this Spring and Summer season. Which means that whether you prefer going bold with your color choices, or you prefer toning your colors down, you can create still stylish outfits that are on trend.

I must admit I’m torn between these two trends this season! I would usually immediately go for the bold color choices like fuchsia, deep greens and blues, however I’m also loving the styles I’m seeing whilst shopping around that come in the softer tones. In fact I was browsing around the new collections at Kristin Miles this morning, and instantly fell in love with this super feminine Summer dress in a soft peach color. This dress makes a perfect choice for a casual summer outfit.. and whilst daydreaming I though it would go perfect with some white wedge shoes, a white handbag and coral accented accessories. What do  you think of this outfit suggestion?

Cool Casual Summer Outfit In Coral

Seychelles sandals
$70 -

Monki tote bag
€35 -

East Fifth bracelet
$10 -


Lip gloss
$5.96 -

Puckered Day Dress in Peach
$68 -

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