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By on December 11, 2012

Fashionstas On-EdgeThe fashion phenomenon has been altered many times and is still been changing with times. The looks that have come in trend and the looks that are out of trends is what most of the fashionistas have taken seriously. Let us see the type of looks you can opt for to define yourself without saying anything and letting your style shout it out.

  1. The Bold and the Beautiful: Try wearing bold colors with a peculiar element. The element can be your bracelet or your bag. Anything that is extra in the outfit will be the element. Bold colors like lemon zyst, poppy red, dark beige and similar primary colors with extra attention will give you a bold look. Trying out this fashion style will mean that you can match a dark color with another dark color and still look good. If the dress is in bold color, go simple on the makeup and accessories. However, wear jazzy footwear to go with. Let’s see an example. Wear a dark yellow summer color dress and pair it up with orange wedge boots. Put a light brown eye shadow and a peach lipstick. Carry a bag that does not match with the dress. And your bold look is ready.
  2. The Femme Fatale: The femme fatale is all about your feminine look that makes you beautiful and attractive. To bring a femme fatale look, pick up the retro fashion. A mid calf dress, coat, high heels, hat or scarf and a clutch would be a basic illustration of this trend. You can opt for colors like Black, White, Blue or other feminine colors. The femme fatale look will be more about how you look than how you dress. So pick up a dress from your wardrobe. The makeup is what will play the trick. A fair and a dark skin should try red lipstick and a Wheatish skin should go for peach or plum lipstick. Glossy lips are a must so apply gloss or shimmer; whatever you prefer that looks good on you. Also play with your lashes. Curl them up to separate each lash or make them look thick. Wear a figure hugging dress always. To get the right curves wear the right bra or the waist clincher. Put on the best stilettos or high heels and cat-walk the way. A trench coat and a hat would be the elements of your look.
  3. The Girl-Next-Door: This look is a casual chic however it doesn’t mean you cannot look attractive. This look is all about your attitude and style; not about the makeup and clothes you wear. As much the name says, the girl-next-door look is a casual one, one can pep it up by doing it the right way. If you do not like dressing up each day, then this look is for you. You can wear a regular tee and jeans with thongs or flip flops from your wardrobe. If you decide to wear a tube or corset, add a shrug or cardigan to it. 3/4th bottoms and ankle length bottoms go best for this look. Wear minimal makeup; like just the lip gloss or a real light eye shadow. Look real clean and charming. Tie your hair up in a pony. If you want to leave them open, wear a hat. A side fling bag or a large bag can be the element of your look.

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