Styling Advice for All Shapes and Sizes

By on October 24, 2012

Styling Advice for Different Women's Shapesby Amy

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes from petite to plus size. We’re vastly different thus making us all unique. This mean that our fashion greatly differs, ; from how clothes look and fit on our bodies.

We’ve all had occasions when we’ve seen a dress in the shop window which looks perfect on the manikin only to find it doesn’t look the same on ourselves. Identifying our correct body shape, can ; make a big difference on how clothes look on us and ultimately, how they make us feel.

It’s important that we get to know our body shapes. Firstly stand in front of a full length mirror preferably in the daylight with just your lingerie on-making sure the curtains are closed!

The following are the most common body shapes. Which one are you?


  • Characteristic – undefined waist. Equally balanced hips and shoulders. Described as an athletic physique.
  • Assets – long and shapely legs.
  • Pitfalls – flat bum and prone to putting weight on, on the upper torso.
  • Celebrity example – Cameron Diaz


  • Characteristics – hips are larger than bust. Body looks bottom heavy.
  • Assets – neatly defined waist, elegant neck, proportioned arms and shoulders.
  • Pitfalls – weight gain on the bum and legs.
  • Celebrity example – Beyonce Knowles


  • Characteristics – proportioned bust and hips. Long shapely legs, round shoulders and bum.
  • Assets – a very defined waist.
  • Pitfalls – none! This is most desired shape.
  • Celebrity example – Scarlett Johansson

Inverted Triangle:

  • Characteristics – wide back, broad shoulders, large bust and slim hips.
  • Assets – long shapely legs.
  • Pitfalls – subtle waist and tends to put weight here and on the back.
  • Celebrity example – Angelina Jolie

Suit Your Shape

Columns are known for their lovely long limbs so they can get away with soft floaty sleeves and flared trousers. The trick with this body shape is to define the waist therefore wrap dresses are ideal along with belts. Any detailing on a dress and top can also give an impression of a more defined waist.

Pears have a larger bottom half than their tops. The key here is to create balance with the use of colour. Bright colours should be used on the top half and darker colours on the bottom half. Necks and shoulders were made to show off, so strapless dresses work wonders.

Hour glasses were made to accentuate. The hourglass shape is the one shape that women strive for. This shape looks great in figure hugging pencil skirts, belted dresses and colours that brighten up both halves to maintain a balanced shape.

Inverted triangles have wonderfully shaped legs so show them off in a moderately short skirt and dress. The idea with this body shape is to create a more balanced appearance and so you can do this by using dark colours on the top half, to minimise broadness. The use of volume and lighter colours on the bottom half gives a more curvaceous look.

Investing some time into figuring out your body shape can save you a lot of effort and money when buying clothes.

Amy is a guest writer and fashion lover from Style in View boutique fashion store and blog in the UK

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