Top 5 Jewelry Ideas for Plus Size Figures

By on July 3, 2013

by Nidia Guerra

Mandy Necklace in AmethystIn recent years, plus size clothing has become a big part of the fashion market as a whole, for men and for women. This sub sector has allowed plus size individuals to shop for products specifically for them, and meant they can feel confident and comfortable in doing so. Where clothing has been the trailblazer in catering for plus sizes, accessories and jewelry are also now starting to gain prominence in this market.

The reasons for this increase in popularity are obvious; anyone with a plus size figure has experienced the frustration of going into the jewelry store and not being able to buy a stunning piece because it would be ill fitting.

No one who has experienced this should be disheartened, however, as the availability of contemporary plus size jewelry is growing all of the time. Here is our top five jewelry ideas for plus size figures.


Plus size rings are often the hardest product to adapt, particularly if it is more than a simple band because detail and stones, for example, have to be adapted, reset, and in a lot of cases changes altogether. Of all plus size jewelry, it is most common to see a totally different and unique product with a ring.

Our advice is to go for a thick band, and if you’re going for stones have something that stands up on the ring, rather than being embedded into the band itself.


The great thing with earrings is that you can pretty much stick to what you’re already wearing. Our only advice would be that if you’ve changed anything about your style to adapt your earrings so you continue to look stylish at all times.


Most people who look for plus size watches think that it’s all about the strap. While you will naturally be looking for an elasticated strap that fits comfortably and won’t need adjusting throughout the day, it is best to look at the watch as a whole.

We recommend going for a larger face where possible, as it will look more natural and help to keep your look in proportion. The width of the strap is up to you, play around in a jewelry store and see what works best for you. In terms of color and materials; completely your call, there isn’t anything you need to avoid.


Our advice here would be to stay away from traditional desirable jewelry, such as pearls and diamonds, and instead go for wooden beads or something similar. The reasoning behind this is that these can be produced to be naturally bigger and will look much better.

Go for beads that match your handbag or your favorite item of clothing, and you’ll be sure to always look good.


There are various articles in existence that say plus size people should divert attention away from their neckline. As far as we’re concerned, that’s nonsense. If you want to wear a pendant, then go for it; in fact, we’d suggest large, gladiatorial like pieces that really bring your neckline to life and complement a shirt or dress brilliantly.

Finding Plus Size Jewelry

While you might naturally gravitate to specialist retailers and websites, you’ll also be able to find suitable jewelry from many ‘regular’ outlets. Take the time to try everything on and ensure it looks great, and you’ll find shopping for jewelry for your plus size figure easier than you ever imagined it would be.


Nidia Guerra is a lifestyle consultant who works with plus size men to help resolve confidence and self awareness issues. Nidia often points her clients in the direction of Mens Tungsten Online so they can buy a stylish and desirable piece of jewelry to enhance their look and give them a confidence boost. 

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