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By on September 11, 2013

Women present a strong presence in the workforce and are often heading the industry in many fields. The drive they have to set the pace for a successful workforce is greatly driven by their passion to exceed. In order to be a power horse on the work scene, women must possess a certain sense of confidence and have a strong personality in order to dominate the scene. Working the scene means dressing the part. Style and fashion for the workplace has become a lot more versatile and allows for a wider variety of options. However, most of these fashion options are available to what is considered standard size women and have limited availability in plus sized options.

"Ava" Cotton Sateen Dress

“Ava” Cotton Sateen Dress

Thanks to the evolution of style and creative fashion, the plus sized professional can now look stunning on the work scene and enhance her presence with styles and a fashion sense that screams “epic”! Monif C. presents a new contemporary collection of plus sized clothing, aptly named Wear To Work, that is professionally acceptable and definitely among the trendiest of work attire available. Short, long, solid, prints, pastels and dominant are all options and are designed to fit the style, personality and curves of the plus sized professional.

"Mara" Cotton Sateen Geometric Colorblock Dress

“Mara” Cotton Sateen Geometric Colorblock Dress

The available styles depict the latest trends but provide maximum comfort to those who wear them. The dresses are chic and divine in appearance but definitely express a tone of strength and take charge language. If the morning meeting requires a presentation that needs to scream empowerment, wrap them up with an attention commanding wrap faux style dress. This piece screams, well put together and completely organized with a plan in hand, successfully wrapped in one package.

"Terry" Ponte Knit Colorblock Dress

“Terry” Ponte Knit Colorblock Dress

No longer have the need to feel intimidated by stripes. Monif C. Wear To Work collection is adorned with well placed and perfectly proportioned stripes that yield confidence and personality. This is a sophisticated look that transforms well into the after 5 business dinner that will require the top notch professional look. The material is a comfy cotton with a domineer flare to fashion and presents the look in a polished finish that is success driven and goal oriented.

"Coby" Ponte Button Front Dress

“Coby” Ponte Button Front Dress

The workforce can be very demanding and if the professional is a woman on the move making things happen, the dress style must be stylish and workable. The Ponte Button Front dress is the perfect option to work the scene. This is a wonderful piece that transitions comfortably into the after 5 work evening that will require brainstorming, dinner at the desk and a supreme feel of comfort but still professional in appearance. It is adorned with a removable belt that helps to ease into relaxation mode without effort.

"Opal" Stripe Colorblock Dress

“Opal” Stripe Colorblock Dress

Colorblocks, sateens, wraps stripes and belted are all the rave and creating a craze among plus sized professionals. This is what the Monif C. Wear To Work Collection has perfected. Professional appearance at an affordable price while styling the scene and dominating the workforce is now available to the plus sized professional as well.

"Melanie" Ponte Faux Wrap Dress

“Melanie” Ponte Faux Wrap Dress

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