Day To Night Wardrobe For Plus-Size

By on September 12, 2013

by Iris De Ramos 

Day To Night Wardrobe For Plus-SizeTransitioning from day to night look doesn’t have to be such a hassle and doesn’t have to cost a fortune especially for plus-size women who are struggling to find the right fit and style. But worry not, all you need to learn is proper styling. When it comes to plus- size clothing, more and more designers, brands, and stores are venturing into plus size apparel. More fashion staples are now available in plus sizes. You can now transform from being a casual babe at day time into high fashion diva at night time with so much ease by simply wearing a staple piece then just take off and add supplemental garments and accessories for a quick fix. This trick doesn’t only save you time but also big bucks.

Know the staple pieces that work best for your voluptuous body and invest in these versatile pieces that you can quickly style with simple mixing and matching for a day to night flattering look. Check our list of staples and see what you already have in your closet. Add the essentials that you lack and you’re on your way to nailing a fabulous all-day outfit. Put a spin on these wardrobe staples and discover the wonder of fashion metamorphosis – transforming from day to night look for an effect that is simply dazzling. It’s time for the curvy gal to celebrate and enjoy fashion just like how the skinny ones do. Fashion and styling is here for the taking of the plus size fashion divas in the making.

Dark Skinny Jeans

Don’t be afraid to wear plus size skinny jeans. The success of your jeans greatly relies on the color and wash. Choose wisely and go for black or dark blue for jeans. For washes, choose dark hues also. It’s no secret that black and other dark colors have slimming and flabby-hiding effects. Match with a bright-colored top at day time. At night time, wear a neutral-colored top and throw over a nice blazer and complete the outfit with a sensible pair of heels and long necklace.

Shift Dresses

If you are plus size, you want to hide those unwanted flabby parts and a good solution is to wear a shift fashion dress. A shift dress hides unwanted bulges and creates the illusion of shape. If you want a shift dress that will work as a foundation piece from day to night, choose a versatile fabric that is neither tight-fitting nor flat-fitting. A black shift dress will work just fine. Wear with a pair of feminine flats and a leather handbag at day time and shift to stilettos and a clutch bag for a night event.

Long Tops and Tunics

Skinny jeans usually highlight the hips. To tone down, use long tunic and tops to create balance/proportion. During the day, choose a top that is brightly-colored and pair with your dark washed jeans. When night time comes, have something that is shiny and neutral in color to add a dash of sophistication to your outfit. And lastly, to have a slimming effect, wear high heels. It will add balance to your look.

If you’re plus size, don’t think that you have to stick to boring and unflattering outfits. With staples to serve as your foundation pieces, you can style all you want by mixing and matching with other staples and on trend items for a bit of cool punch. You will no longer worry transitioning from day to night.

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